NurseCom At A Glance

NurseCom's licensed RNs respond to calls from patients, families, caregivers, physicians and staff when your agency or office is closed.  NurseCom eliminates the cost and difficulties of an answering service by providing  direct RN access after-hours triage services to home health and hospice agencies, relieving the need to staff a triage RN that also performs after-hours visits. Physicians are relieved of the long nights on call with the triage RN directly intercepting the calls for them.

Who is NurseCom?
NurseCom employs a staff of licensed RNs, with many years of experience in providing triage services. Each of our triage nurses is fully knowledgeable in the areas of home health care, palliative and hospice philosophy. Our nurses have their PHN and CHPN certifications, and are especially proficient in pain management and IV pump troubleshooting.

The NurseCom staff stays abreast of Medicare and state regulations and guidelines, and is affiliated with such organizations as ANA, CNA and HPNA. Additionally, NurseCom is in compliance with URAC, the accreditation organization for telephone triage agencies. This means you can feel confident that your patients are receiving the kind of caring and professional attention both you and they expect.

Why Choose NurseCom?
Provide your patients and customers with 24 hour direct RN access.  Entrusting your after-hours triage responsibilities to NurseCom can save you time and money. We lift the burden of staffing weekends, holidays, and the second and third shift off your shoulders, helping you operate more efficiently.

  • Save money - You receive direct RN triage coverage 365 days a year without using benefit-earning employees, or having to spend shift/holiday differential or paid time off. And because of NurseCom's triage and clinical expertise, you will see your need for after-hour visits go down.  NurseCom does not charge extra for holiday coverage.
  • Nurse staffing and retention - You never have to scramble at the last minute trying to find a qualified nurse to cover triage duties after hours; you won't burn out valuable employees by frequently asking them to work double shifts.
  • Continuity of care - NurseCom integrates seamlessly with your agency's operations, ensuring that your patients receive uninterrupted attention, as if you were open around the clock.
  • Confidentiality - NurseCom strictly adheres to the highest levels of professional and ethical conduct. Confidential patient information remains just that—confidential. And since all triage is handled through our call center, there is never a risk of a patient overhearing confidential information because an on-call nurse has to triage another call while in the field.