Hospice Service

NurseCom RN's have a special place in their hearts for hospice care. We know it takes a gentle touch and a soothing tone to maintain a patient's comfort, as well as that of their family and caregivers. They will receive the attention they need to maintain their comfort and peace of mind in the late night and early morning hours when patients and their caregivers can be most vulnerable. Rest assured!

Nurse Com offers the following to hospice patients:

  • Your patient's and customer's calls are answered directly by an RN - no answering service delays!
  • Pain management and comfort measure instruction
  • Troubleshooting DME and IV pumps
  • Triage your on-call visit staff when needed
  • Receive physician orders and interface with pharmacy and DME companies
  • Assist in post mortem care and begin the bereavement process
To help keep your patient records complete with the use of our state of the art database, Nurse Com will send you a detailed report at the end of each day, itemizing the nature of each call and the type of action taken to address it.

How to get started with us
If you are interested in the NurseCom triage team providing excellent after-hours triage care, please call us at 888.301.1017. We can discuss your needs and develop a plan to meet them.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable it can be to have a reliable and knowledgeable triage service at your disposal, all without the hassles associated with doing it yourself. We will take care of everything else when you provide a few essentials:

  • A monthly calendar of your own on-call nurses for after-hours field visits
  • A complete and regularly updated staff roster
  • Your agency's resource list (pharmacy, DME, foreign language assistance phone numbers, etc.)
  • An active patient list